Blue Wonder cleaners, powerful and hygienic

All in one disinfecting and cleaning with Blue Wonder Disinfectant spray and wipes

Ideal for quick daily cleans and unique because they clean and disinfect at the same time.

Can be used for daily cleaning of counter tops, the toilet, the bathroom, door handles, tables, worktops, the fridge, toys and much more.


Hygienic cleaning with Blue Wonder spray and wipes

Removes grease, dirt and all kinds of stains (even from clothing).

Can be used to clean doors, kitchen, bathroom, countertop, extractor hood, cupboards, windows, mirrors, car rims, wood and garden furniture, to name a few.

Ready for use. Ideal for quick, daily cleaning jobs.


Blue Wonder cleaning products



what our fans say!

  • A great product!

    I enjoy using Blue Wonder. A tip from me is to add a cap of Blue wonder to the white laundry. Your laundry will come out of the wash as snow white. I also use Blue wonder for cleaning work. A great product !!

  • Highly recommended!

    Incredible! Used it for the first time last week, limescale cleaner and the others. The dirt etc just flies off the wall! Also bought some other bottles and it smells wonderfully fresh. Without exaggeration, the best cleaning products ever! Also wait a few minutes sprayed on doors and you really wipe everything away. So great!

  • Blue Wonder fan!

    I am a real blue wonder fan. Use the lime cleaner, the all-purpose cleaner, the disinfection, both wipes and spray (ideal !!) and then also the floor cleaner that smells delicious and gives a beautiful shine!

  • I don’t want any other cleaning products

    I use the all-purpose cleaner and limescale cleaner. And also the floor cleaner works perfectly and leaves no footprints like some cleaners do. It also has a very nice scent. Nowadays I also have the disinfectant wipes that work very easily and are nice and large.

  • I wouldn’t want to miss Blue Wonder

    I used Blue Wonder for the first time two years ago. I had to have a good cleaning agent for the vinyl downstairs in the room, hall and also kitchen. It’s clean immediately, I now only use 1 Blue Wonder  cleaner and I wouldn’t want to miss Blue Wonder.