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Refill your bottle with RE‑USE capsules

Less packaging, less waste

In response to the trend that consumers want less packaging material, Blue Wonder has developed the RE-USE capsule.

The Blue Wonder RE-USE capsules contain the unique Blue Wonder products in concentrated form. For example, we reduce the amount of plastic bottles, trucks on the road and CO2 emissions by up to 20 times.

The RE-USE capsules are 100% recyclable and easy to use.
The RE-USE capsules are effective, safe, economical and good for your wallet.
Each RE-USE capsule is suitable for refilling a 750ml bottle of Blue Wonder.
No unnecessary transport of water, no carrying heavy bottles home.

Easy to refill the bottle


  1. Remove the nozzle from the empty bottle
  2. Fill the empty bottle with water (after rinsing it for a while).
  3. Screw the RE-USE capsule onto the bottle, this will open the cap, and the liquid will automatically flow into the bottle.

The Blue Wonder RE-USE Capsules will soon be available with the following Blue Wonder products:

  • All Purpose Cleaner
  • Limescale Cleaner


RE-USE Capsules