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Powerful cleaners for the international market

Remove grease, dirt, stains, limescale, stripes and other dirt with Blue Wonder cleaning products.

  • Blue Wonder All-purpose cleaner removes grease, dirt and all kinds of stains (even from clothing). Cleans doors, kitchen, bathroom, sink, extractor hood, cabinets, windows, mirrors, car rims, woodwork and garden furniture.
  • Blue Wonder Limescale cleaner removes limescale, soap residues and skin fats from, among other things, sinks, taps, shower, bath, tiling and sanitary ware. Ready for use. Ideal for the quick, daily cleaning jobs.
  • Blue Wonder Super degreaser removes fat in a powerful way. Cleans ovens, hobs, counters, extractor hoods, grill grate, pans, barbecue, motor block gears and particularly dirty floors. Ready for use. Ideal for heavy cleaning jobs.